Facts About Horses

When you’re about to go see “A Christmas Story,” the first thing that comes into your mind is a holiday classic and not a real story about Santa Clause and his reindeer! I wouldn’t make this list if there was a movie starring Mickey Mouse to tell it, but that’s what makes most kids like to watch “A Christmas Story.” There are many books and films based on the movie, but here are some interesting facts about horses kids learn during their childhood…

Horses do not have a concept of time

They can only remember things they do in the present moment; therefore, when they ask for more candy the next day, your child asks for the last five years! That way, when he needs it at the end of all these days, they remember exactly what you gave him before. And it doesn’t matter how much they don’t know about the past!

This isn’t true for other animals as well as humans, however, since one has never had anything except what they were given! No question that horses will still love to talk about things, and they still remember those words too. As a result, no child will ever forget that they saw the elephant yesterday because he was wearing an orange sweater and a blue hat, or that they read one page of chapter three of “A Christmas Tale.” The horse cannot think twice about the past.

They can feel sorrow without realizing its true cause

They can’t bear sadness if they don’t think about the sad event. Horses are very sensitive to human feelings when they cannot realize how badly someone loves them. If you show up with two hearts, they won’t come along because their minds can only process emotions if your heart is broken.

Because they love us so much, we make them happy every time through acts of kindness, love, and affection. They are very emotional beings, and in a lot of cases, they even cry out when they want something bad, such as when they can’t eat the mashed potatoes because they ate one whole pound of cheese! So their hearts can hold a greater weight than two hearts, and they have no idea when they are going to explode or fall apart.


They are born to be used as toys everywhere they go

They are born to be used in every place they go. We teach our children to act as a housekeeper, a teacher, and as a cook, and gardeners. At home, they are made for being servants, and they are treated like one too. To the point where some parents will put a bucket in front of their daughter on purpose to give her a sense of belonging to the family. Other children keep the dogs in the yard, the chicken outside, and the pigs at the far side. Once you get a horse, they are yours forever.

In addition to this, it also helps to buy them food, which makes them lazy and slow in thinking. But when they are young enough, some children grow up and become a bit annoyed that their mothers still look after them. A few steps into the water, and you’ll see that their mind hasn’t even thought about what to do with the water. That way, they just sit in the pool.

So, they look like little people as adults, and they’ll be fine. This is why you shouldn’t buy them toys with teeth marks. You can see them being bored just by watching cartoons without thinking about hurting themselves or anyone else around. It’s common sense, and it’s easy to do. But they’ll have trouble moving forward, and it might happen sooner for many kids.

Horses are natural athletes

Horses are naturally good swimmers. Most of them would jump to each other instead o jumping over a fence to play. They can race against each other until they get tired, so they play in groups. Some horses can take shortcuts to make it easier for others, so the same horse might win before getting tired.

Many horses have a different type of stride, so they can sprint a longer distance. However, they can’t take a long-distance leap as fast as humans, so they need to catch up and find another horse. If a horse gets tired or is not feeling well, then it may get hurt during the race, but it can still stay calm enough to finish the race in the end.

Horses wear tights and panties for comfort and protection from their owners

It takes time for horses to adapt to the new environment they are kept in. Then they start using things as soft and comfortable as possible to stay safe from their owners. For example, some horses can wear tights and panties for some time as they grow up. The tights are like diapers, while the panties resemble blankets so they can protect them from the cold.

They may even get tattoos as a form of identification. A lot of people love talking about body parts and horses as friends, and they often prefer having a friend riding near them. Horses give off various types of signals to make sure that their owner is at the back of the stall. Also, a horse can produce some noises when it’s worried about something. It usually does this when it feels threatened and scared.

Horses can understand words to help you

Horses can understand the meanings of certain words. Even though people don’t understand what the word means, those words are still important to them. All they care about is how much attention they’ve been given by their owners. Their eyes will open in response to your words, and they can listen to the sounds. For instance, some horses will jump up in a storm as soon as you speak to them loudly. Such movements can tell other people where your voice is coming from.

People who can only hear your voice and see your face can communicate better than a horse could, and it’s easier for them to understand your words as well. And that’s what makes horses like to play games with humans. As they say, “the best communication is through song!” But it sounds better when two songs, for example, go together like that. It is one more reason to love playing games with horses.

Horses can feel pain even in the middle of nowhere

The horse can feel pain only if it is being played with. They can feel fear when their owners aren’t close by. A horse can’t recognize a strange sound coming from where he shouldn’t, which makes it hard for it to hear your shouts and shouts during the daytime. They understand human feelings as though they are being taught.

Human feelings can be confusing for a horse, but they can also bring positive memories. Just consider it as the weather changes, and sometimes you can give your horse treats after a bad morning. After a week or month, you can use a special tool to check what your animal has done. A video camera lets you record it from different angles. If you love telling stories, then the horse’s perspective will change depending on the situation.

For example, if it thinks its owner is bullying her, the horse may pretend to be doing nothing at all and lie to you. However, when it’s in a difficult mood, it may experience the pain and distress you describe. They can even feel anger as if another person is trying to scare them, especially humans. But if you treat them nicely after a bad day, they’ll behave well in the end.

Horses can follow the smell of flowers just like elephants do

The horses can follow the scent they are given in different situations, which makes them understand what is happening to them. If the smell of roses isn’t nice for you, try giving your horse a flower bouquet to make it feel better. Or if there’s milk in your basket, a small cow or buffalo will play with them in the evening.

Not only that, animals can follow the smells. Therefore, if the dog walks down the street, you might also see the cat there. Both cats and dogs can follow the smell of flowers, so you can tell whether your animal likes the fragrance of roses or not. The horses can feel the touch of the grass on their feet. If your pet is walking near your horse, you can notice his foot. Since horses do not have toes, their feet can easily pick up the scent of grass.

Horses have a unique behavior when they need to pee

Horses have a unique trait of sensing when someone isn’t going to bring them water right away. Instead, they begin to feel their thirst as soon as you bring the water to the trough. Sometimes, the urine flows quickly, and the horse will lose its balance. However, when it is thirsty again, it won’t pee unless you want, so it will stop drinking water.

Holes in your saddle are called pits, and horses must have them to use as toilet breaks. Holes also become a trap for robbers, and the hole becomes bigger and wider to help them hide their products. However, you can detect a pit as soon as you step into it! Dogs can often sniff for pits when someone is about to visit the house. They can find some tiny dirt on it, and this is enough to tell it belongs to the wrong place.

Similarly, if someone else visits the house, a dog can feel the poop or dirt, and it probably knows that someone must have got a dog. Of course, you don’t always want to give a dog treats as a reward after it gets fed. What you should do is prepare food for the dog, and put a blanket on top of it so it can lay down.

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