Saluki Dog: 5 Amazing Facts

In this article we will tell you 5 Facts About Saluki Dog. Did you know that there’s a dog breed, once considered to be a gift from God? Well, now you do. It’s the Saluki Dog. These dogs are super fast, super skinny, and super loyal.

History Of Saluki Dog

Desert nomads have lived on the Arabian Peninsula for thousands of years… To survive in this harsh habitat, people needed to catch fast animals, like gazelles and wild hares. But they couldn’t do it alone. This is the Saluki, one of the oldest hunting breeds in the world. And because of their success, they have survived for more than 6,000 years with little modification.

But to be so proficient at hunting in this setting calls for a very specific talent. They have become masters of speed. Salukis are one of the fastest dogs on the planet. Its long claws grip the sand like running spikes. Their lean bodies have shed every ounce of unnecessary weight. And even their head is perfectly aerodynamic.

Saluki Dog Is Difficult To Handle

This is not to say that they are the easiest breed to raise, and we will be telling you all about that in this article. We hope you’re ready. Now the history of the Saluki and how they came to be isn’t exactly very clear. The passage of time has muddled up everything. However, many believe that the Saluki dates back to antiquity. The breed got its name from Arab breeders and the name means noble. A befitting name for a breed so gracious and elegant. Bred for their speed, strength, and endurance,

The Saluki is one enthralling canine with its long narrow head and sleek yet muscular body. You only need to look at this breed once to know that they are very reserved.While they are loving and affectionate, Salukis preferred to prove their devotion through quiet companionship, rather than overt demonstrations.

Still, the breed doesn’t make friends with everyone, but with those whom they decide to befriend, they stay devoted to them for life. The one thing that attracts everyone to the Saluki is their exotic appearance. Once you look at this dog you immediately know you want him. But can everyone live well with this dog? Well, that was a trick question.

The answer is no. Salukis are fiercely independent and spirited. They are also hunters by nature and instinct, which means that they chase on sight. If they catch anything moving within their perimeter, be it an RC car or a cat, or a squirrel, they will immediately give chase. And as we pointed out earlier, they are very fast able to run up to 35 miles per hour.

Saluki Dog Is Energetic Hunter

If you’re going to keep a Saluki, it is super important that you have a large securely fenced yard. You must also be strong and experienced yourself to be able to hold them with a leash, or else they might dash out from your hands while giving chase and meet their end under the wheels of a moving car. And don’t think living in the country necessarily makes things somewhat better. Salukis will chase anything as we’ve said.

There are reports of Salukis that chased down, tangled with, and even in some cases, killed foxes, otters, goats, snakes, raccoons, and deer. These guys are built for the chase. If they wanted to make a fast and furious film for dogs, it would be an aberration not to have them play lead. So make sure you have at least 300 lateral feet of fenced area if you’re going to get this dog.

They need all the space to exercise safely, but if your yard isn’t large enough, then at least ensure you have access to an enclosed sports field or a beach where there aren’t roads nearby. Keep in mind that these dogs need exercise and their favorite way of getting that is by running. Now, even though Salukis are fearless when it comes to hunting, these guys are super shy with new people.

Especially if you don’t socialize them early and expose them to different people, they tend to shy away from new faces and experiences, but their reserved nature doesn’t mean they are not alert. They just make better watchdogs than guard dogs. Because except for when they’re hunting, Salukis are generally unaggressive. If you can’t already tell, Salukis are great at sports. If you love to jog, you’ll find your Saluki an excellent companion. That is, of course, if you can keep up with them.

They also perform excellently in dog sports, especially in agility and lure coursing. There are some Salukis that could also do well in obedience and tracking too. Because of their lanky and bony structure, Salukis love to lounge on sofas or beds. That bony body has to be cushioned if he is to be comfortable, you know. And please don’t leave your Saluki outdoors. They need human companionship if they are going to thrive. And if you keep shutting them out, they are going to get depressed.

When it comes to training, Salukis are not difficult to manage. However, they certainly aren’t golden retrievers. In other words, don’t expect perfect obedience. These dogs have a mind of their own. And if they find what you ask them to do, to be boring, they will happily ignore you and do something else. So make sure you keep things interesting. Preferably activities that make them move around. Also, use positive reinforcement rather than yelling or punishment.

Saluki Dog Is Care & Aware

Food and praise will always yield better results. If you have kids or other dogs in your home, then adding a Saluki might not be a bad idea, depending. For one, Salukis are not aggressive with kids. Nevertheless, their active lifestyle and bony bodies might be injurious to kids younger than eight years old. So it might be better to wait until your kids are older before getting a Saluki. With other dogs, Salukis generally get along well.

As long as those other dogs aren’t dominant by nature. But if you gave them a choice, they are would rather be with other Salukis. But hey, small pets are a no-no. Salukis have a high prey drive. They can’t resist the urge to chase. So if you have a smaller animal at home, then maybe don’t get a Saluki. Today there is no longer needed for hunting, but the Bedouin people still race them.

Some Mind Blowing Facts

  • This dog breed is one of the oldest breeds of dogs in existence.
  • The is an ancient breed that has been around for thousands of years. It was originally bred by nomadic tribesmen in the Middle East. They were used to hunt gazelles and other wild game.They were originally bred as hunting dogs, but today they are known for their intelligence and loyalty.
  • Here are five facts about this amazing breed:
  • This dog breed has a high level of intelligence. They stand by their owners and are devoted to them. They get along well with kids and other animals as well. Short and curling fur covers them. They weigh anything from 50 to 80 pounds.
  • This dog breed was first developed by the ancient Egyptians.They were originally bred as a hunting dog. It was used to hunt gazelles and wild sheep. The word “Saluki” comes from the Arabic word for “gazelle.”
  • The name “Saluki” comes from the Arabic word “Sakkuk” which means “to run quickly”. Today, the still primarily used as a hunting dog. However, it has also become an excellent companion animal. They make wonderful family pets because they are loyal, affectionate, intelligent, and playful.
  • In the Middle Ages, they were used as a guard dog. The Saluki was originally bred by nomadic tribes who lived in the Arabian Peninsula. These people were known for being very independent and self-sufficient. As such, they needed a dog that would help them protect themselves against wild animals and thieves.
  • Today, They are still used as a guard dog, but it also makes an excellent companion animal. The breed was so well suited to its purpose that it became the official guard dog of the Ottoman Empire. It was also used as a hunting dog, and even as a police dog.

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